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Wood Fence Panel Styles/Horizontal

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Wood Fence Panels constructed in a Horizontal Style, have the PICKETS that are attached horizontal to STRINGERS that run vertical. 

  Horizontal Wood Fence Panel Styles 6' tall X 8' wide    

Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg

Scoop Top (Concave) or Round Top (Convex)+$3.00 ea   

Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg

 * Some Wood Fence Panel Treatments Like "Cap", "Fascia" & Lattice Require Additional Materials ---Click Link For Info  

Specify "Stringer Up" For Cap & Fascia* Treatments 

Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg

Specify "Stringer Down" For "Toe Kick"*Treatments  

     Wood Fence Panels Horizontal Shadow Box Style     

  1/2x4 Picket on 1 5/8" Square Stringers-----------------------$XX.00 each 

  5/8x4 Picket on 1 5/8 Square Stringers-----------------------$XX.00 each 

  5/8x5 1/2" Picket on 1 5/8 Square Stringers----------------$XX.00 each 

Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg
Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg
Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg

      Wood Fence Panels Ship Lap Style                              

Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg

5/8x5 1/2" Picket on Undressed 1 5/8 Square Stringers----$XX.00 ea. 

       Wood Fence Panels Basket Weave Style                            

Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg
Wood Fence Panels Logo.jpg

1/2x4 Picket on Undressed 1x4 Stringers----------------------$XX.00 each 

5/8x4 Picket on Undressed 1x4 Stringers---------------------$XX.00 each 

All Prices Do Not Include Pinellas County Sales Tax

These wood fencing panels, gates & wood fence components are Made To Order Just For You. Contact us for scheduling availability  

 Wood Fence Panels For Sale Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco County, Florida

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