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Rackable Wood Fence Panels

Rackable Wood Fence Panels require additional nails after the fence panel is attached to the posts.

 Stockade wood fence styles will have the pickets "gapped" to allow them movement when adjusting the fence section.

Board on Board style wood fence panels will need to have the top layer of slat/pickets installed after in panel is in place,

 Rackable Wood Fence Panels allow vertical wood fence styles to follow the slope of the land, a opposed to "Stepping" the wood fence panels. This gives the look of flow to the fence line.

 Rackable Wood Fence Panels are designed for "radical slope" conditions. they allow the panel to be adjusted to up or down to better follow the terrain.


   Rackable panels are manufactured with the fasteners on one   edge of the picket this lets the other edgr move up or down.   once installed, the missing fasteners are applied, finishing the   wood fence panel.

   All Vertical Wood Fence Panels can be made "rackable".

 Some horizontal wood fence panel styles can be made   rackable.such as Ship Lap Wood Fence Panel Style.

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