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Vertical Shadow Box

Vertical Shadow Box style is made by arranging the slats/pickets on both sides of the stringer. Each side has the pickets arranged with an open space between the pickets. This space allows air to flow through. This style seems to last the longest of the vertical fence styles. With the slat/pickets on both sides, it essentially creates a series of boxes that make for a very sturdy fence. 

on Regular Space Shadow Box fence the first layer of slat/pickets are fastened to the stringer spaced approx. 2/3 the width of the slat/picket being used. The Fence Panel is then turned over where the spaces created on the first side are covered by placing slat/pickets over the open spaces and fastened into the stringer material completing the privacy panel.

Vertical Shadow Box fence can be built to any height and is offered in a variety of picket top styles (Dogeared, Old Point, Gothic, French Gothic, or Flat Top) and it can be had in lattice top when using 2x4 stringers..

This fence style readily lends itself to "Cap & Fascia", Round Topping (convex) or Scoop Topping (concave)ornamental fencing treatments.

The most common facing materials are 1/2"x4", 5/8"x4",and 5/8"x 5.5" slat/picket fence boards. The stringer/frame

material is either "Full" 1"x4' or "Dressed" 2"x4".

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